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Let’s Make Next Year Our Biggest Year Ever

Tim Cooper

Dec 20 2015

In this the final episode for the year we look at the five most popular episodes for 2015, where my massage marketing course is at and what's coming in early 2016.

I would firstly like to thank all my guests who gave so freely of their time and expertise. I'm sure the information and experiences they shared have proved helpful on your journey as an online course creator.

I would also like to thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Looking back over the year I though it would be interesting to look at the top five most popular episodes of 2015 -

  1. Getting Started on a Budget | Huw Collingbourne - Episode 8
  2. How to Build an Online Information Empire | Rob Cubbon - Episode 27
  3. Creating Successful Online Courses | Bob Marx - Episode 25
  4. The Art of Effective Communication | Alexa Fischer - Episode 7
  5. Creating an Online Course Creation Business | Scott Paton - Episode 22

You see, hosting a Podcast can also be a great market research tool as you can quickly identify the information people are listening to the most.

Where is my Massage Marketing course at?

I'm continuing to build my list via traffic generated primarily through my Make Money With Massage podcast.

I hosted a Webinar which was mildly successful. I used Facebook Ads to drive prospects to my Webinar registration page but feel I should have spent more time focusing my Facebook audience. This is something I'm still learning and have trouble getting my head around. I used a trial copy of GotoWebinar and didn't have a great experience. I was booted off repeatedly and the recording went missing. I did get some opt-ins for my Super VIP list so that was a positive.

Big News for 2016

Now I have some very exciting news! Once I have successfully launched my massage marketing course I will be starting work on the Online Course Mastery Blueprint. This will be an extensive course.

I will be pulling information from all the podcast interviews plus sharing the gems I have learnt from taking high end training courses by experts including Eben Pagan, Ray Edwards, Alex Jeffreys and Ryan Levesque.

This will be a blended course with a limited intake and enrolment period. The course will run for a set number of weeks and will include pre-recorded core units and weekly live training sessions via webinars.

All materials will be available for download, this includes video, audio, workbooks, checklists, slides… everything.

If you would like to be part of the initial intake simply sign up as a VIP (you can find the VIP entry boxes at the end of every post and also in the sidebar) VIP's will be extended a special invitation at a greatly reduced price once the course is ready to roll. VIP's are under no obligation to take up any offer we may present.

Seats will be limited due to the live coaching and accountability the course offers. Students get a lot of my time and attention.

If you want to make a suggestion about what you believe should be in the course simply shoot me an email at [email protected] or take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey.

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year. The Online Course Coaching Podcast will resume in the second week of January 2016

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