Teach Online | Finding The Confidence To Create Your Online Course

How often has that split second of doubt shot down an online course idea that could have changed your life and improved the lives of thousands of others?

It happens to all of us. We have an idea or we are asked to do something, that in reality we are more than competent to complete, and in that instant we doubt our abilities.

We ask ourselves, “Why did John ask me to speak on that topic?”, or “Why on earth did Mary ever suggest I should create an online course on that subject?”.

It would appear at times that others have more faith in our abilities than we have in ourselves. That others can see our potential, a potential that is hidden from us through a lack of confidence and self-doubt.

The truth is we all have skills and knowledge that others want to learn.

Sometimes our greatest skills come so easily to us, so naturally, that we don't place any value on them.

Recently I was invited to be a guest on the LMSCast Podcast. When I read the topic that Chris had asked me to talk about I experienced that split second of doubt. In that moment I thought, “Hmmm, do I really know enough about that topic?”

A crazy thought really, because it is a topic I talk about ALL THE TIME!

Instead of collapsing into a heap, I calmly picked up pen and paper and started to list key points on the topic. In a matter of moments, I had identified enough material that could keep me talking for up to an hour. More than enough material for a Podcast interview.

But how often are plans or magical ideas dropped in the initial moment of doubt?

I'd guess more ideas are abandoned than followed through.

Here's a little exercise you can do to prove to yourself (no-one else), that when it comes to creating an online course, you actually have more than enough knowledge in your chosen field.

Step 1: Pick Your Topic

Choose a topic that you are passionate about, that you get excited about when you talk about it.

If you're not sure if anyone would be interested in your topic, ask your family and friends. Find out what skills you have that they admire in you and would like to learn.

Step 2: List Out 10 Key Points

Now get a pen and paper and think - If I was showing someone just starting out, what would be the main things I would need to teach them.

These could be tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid, best practices, etc.

Don't worry about flow or the order of the points. This isn't what this exercise is about.

Step 3: Record Information on Each Point

Now get your phone or any other recording device and simply speak about each point. Talk about your experience, share stories, communicate how this point had an impact on your mastery of the topic.

Talk for as long as you like on each point but keep the information focused, don't ramble and fill the time with fluff just so it appears you spoke longer. Two minutes of focused information is worth a lot more than five minutes of casual ramblings.

Step 4: Review Your Information

Now go back and listen to what you've recorded and take note on how long you were able to speak about the topic. You may very well be pleasantly surprised.

What you have now is the foundation for an online course. You have your main section or chapter headings along with ample material that you can reorganise into a course structure.

I hope you found this episode useful, that it has assured you that doubt is normal but not something that should stop you in pursuing your dreams.

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