Beyond Udemy: The Versatility Of Online Courses

It's true that platforms like Udemy are taking the world by storm. Everyday people are generating five, six and even seven figure incomes simply by sharing their skills and knowledge online.

But online course delivery has many more applications than the Udemy model, and this is what I'm discussing in today's podcast.

The Role Of Online Courses As Lead Magnets

Creating a three or five part mini course is an excellent way to build your email list and provide true value to your prospect along the way. No matter what type of product or service you're offering, providing a mini course to your prospects is a great way to increase sales.

Coaching & Consulting Programs

Are you a coach or consultant? Online courses are a great way to streamline your introductory information and build a pathway into your program while building trust along the way.

Workplace Training

No matter how big or small your business is, setting up an online training system for your staff is going to save time and money while ensuring a consistent level of high quality training.

Vocational & Technical Colleges

Universities have been incorporating online delivery for some time and this is also becoming a trend in the delivery of certification and diploma courses. Colleges can save time, money and resources buy moving theory based subjects over to online delivery.

Workshop Presenters

Workshop presenters can make the most of their face to face time with their participants by having them complete the theory aspect of the course prior to attending. This leaves the time spent at the workshop for demonstration and practice of the practical aspects of the material.


Yes, creating courses for sites like Udemy can be profitable and I'll be discussing Udemy and similar sites in upcoming episodes. Online course delivery has many applications and I hope this episode has highlighted some areas where you can save time and money by implementing online training.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Who knows, your question may even feature in an upcoming episode.

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