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Planning Your Online Course: Topic Selection

Tim Cooper

Apr 24 2015

If you're looking at creating a profitable online course then topic selection is critical. Producing a high quality course on a subject you have expertise in doesn't automatically guarantee that the course will sell well.
If no-one is searching for co...

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The Benefits of Creating Online Courses

Tim Cooper

Apr 19 2015

If you're considering creating an online course but not sure if you have the skills or worried that you don't have a skill someone would want to learn then get comfortable and have a listen.
I recently interviewed three successful online instructors ...

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Beyond Udemy: The Versatility Of Online Courses

Tim Cooper

Apr 17 2015

It's true that platforms like Udemy are taking the world by storm. Everyday people are generating five, six and even seven figure incomes simply by sharing their skills and knowledge online.
But online course delivery has many more applications than t...

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