Teach Online – Using Periscope and Live Streaming To Connect and Interact With Your Students

Periscope is a real game changer when it comes to live interaction and connection with your students and is something every online instructor and coach should embrace.

The way we do social media has been transformed with the introduction of Periscope, an application owned and developed by Twitter.

A similar app called Meerkat was actually released shortly before Periscope and both apps have their advantages and disadvantages. I have chosen to go with Periscope due to its ease of use and native interface with Twitter.

So what is Periscope and what does it mean to us as online instructors and coaches?

Periscope is an application that runs on your iPhone or Android phone allowing for live video streaming.

Anybody viewing your broadcast can enter comments and interact with you live time! By taping the screen they send you hearts which can give you an indication on how engaged your audience is and how much they are enjoying your information.

Your audience can also swipe their screen and invite their followers to watch your broadcast.

In the past we have had to rely on platforms such as webinars or Google Hangouts to communicate live to more than a handful of students.

Webinar platforms demand a monthly fee which can be costly depending on the size of audience you want to cater for. Both webinar and Google Hangouts require some degree of technical know-how and due to the complexity of the platforms can crash and burn.

You are also restricted in what you can share on these platforms. If you want to share anything other than a slide presentation, your computer screen or a video of you sitting in front of your webcam the whole exercise becomes a whole lot more complicated.

Periscope offers unprecedented versatility. Because it is available on your phone you can broadcast from anywhere, anytime.

A word of caution. You are streaming HD video so you are using bandwidth. I would highly recommend that you connect to wireless networks whenever possible to avoid a huge mobile data bill.

You can give your viewers a truly unique and interesting experience. Are you a personal trainer - why not demonstrate an exercise a viewer is having trouble with? Are you a yoga instructor - you can easily demonstrate a pose?

I recently took my phone behind the scenes and into the change rooms of a football club where I look after the players and broadcast as I strapped ankles.

Because your viewers can interact with you live time they can type in questions or requests that you can respond to. For example they might request that you show them something from a different angle or ask a question. Either way it is truly interactive and your audience will feel connected to you and what you're sharing.

I would encourage you to download the Periscope app and have a play with it. You will need a Twitter account in order to use it.

If you would like to be notified of my future Periscope broadcasts simply follow me on Twitter, my handle is @TimCooperEdu, then once you have Periscope installed follow me on Periscope using the same handle.

Other resources mentioned in this episode

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