Teach Online | The Make Money With Massage Project | Part 1

In this episode, I take you behind the scenes as I create a digital product from the ground up. I'll share everything with you, I mean everything. I'll share what works and what doesn't work.

As I mentioned in last week's episode, I am being coached by one of the best in the business, Eben Pagan, so I'm sure you'll find what I share about my pre-launch phase very interesting.

Over the last week I have been performing my usual market and niche research and developed strategies to connect with my prospective audience and find out exactly what their major issues are when it comes to marketing their massage business.

Once I established there was a market and my project was viable I set about working on a name. I wanted the name to be memorable and came up with “Make Money With Massage”, it was created using a system I learnt from Eben Pagan and not only has a nice rhythm to it, it is also very clear as to what the course is about.

Next I registered the domain name and installed WordPress, OptimizePress and OptimizeMember. For this project I'm not looking at publishing to Udemy, Teachable or similar platforms, I'm also not going to be using a LMS WordPress plugin.

OptimizePress provides me with all the templates I need for my marketing and promotion, lead capture and secure content delivery. At some point I may consider putting a teaser course up on Udemy to generate leads back to my site but there's a lot of work to do before that even becomes an option.

In order to establish a connection with my prospective students I wrote a 15-page report called “5 Marketing Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Massage Business”, the report title creates curiosity. If you were running a struggling massage business is that something that would grab your attention?

The report runs through some common mistakes and provides options, in other words, the report provides actionable content.

In addition to the free report I also set up a free GotoWebinar account and scheduled a “Marketing Your Massage Business” webinar for later in the month. Then I went to SurveyGizmo and set up a short survey asking what is their #1 challenge when it comes to marketing their massage business.

With all these research components in place I then wrote a short autoresponder sequence just to get the ball rolling and cover the first couple of days. I'll add to the sequence during the week.

As you can see, everything I have done to date has been targeted at connecting with my prospect audience and finding out what they need. I am running a Facebook Ads campaign and getting a steady flow of clicks and opt-ins.

If all this wasn't enough I also created a Podcast and recorded the first three episodes over the weekend. It has been submitted to iTunes and I hope to see it live before the end of the week.

So, that's phase 1 of my Make Money With Massage project. I'm very pleased with how it is all coming together and the response I'm getting from my advertising.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Please take a couple of minutes and let me know what your #1 challenge is when it comes to creating or marketing your online course.

Need help getting started with the creation of your online course?

If you have a question about any aspect of online course delivery, from concept to market, please feel free to send me an email at AskTim@EcourseDomination.com. I'd love to hear from you and your question could very well feature in a future podcast.

I want to deliver relevant material so keep those emails rolling in.

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