How to Market and Promote Your Online Course | Marketing Strategies That Work with Chris Greenwood

In this episode we talk Udemy v Premium courses, platforms, promotional material, marketing channels and so much more. There is plenty of opportunity to build a profitable and rewarding online course business. Today we look beyond the confines of Udemy and the options you have to host and promote your own courses.

Creating premium courses over discount Udemy courses.

The real money (and satisfaction) is in controlling the platform and the pricing for your course.

There are many models available. You can restructure and remodel your course material to suit most budgets while still earning what the course is worth.

Membership sites offering monthly instalments or a one off discounted annual fee is just an example.

The Problem with Udemy

Many instructors are leaving Udemy because of the constant rule changes. While Udemy will give you an audience, they also enforce very restrictive rules on your pricing and communication.

The problem with platforms such as Udemy is that they make the rules and you never know what they are going to come up with next.

I can guarantee that any changes they make will work in the favour of their bottom line as well as making courses more your valuable courses more available to bargain hunters, leaving your best interest the last consideration (if that is even considered at all)

Restricting Yourself To Udemy Equals Losing Money

Regardless of how much money the top instructors on Udemy are making, you can make substantially more by creating a premium course.

If you want to learn more about creating premium courses, choosing the right hosting platform and the various ways to market and promote your course check out the Online Course Creation Summit - week two is about to start and access is currently free.

Promoting your course.

There are a number of option when it comes to promoting your course, both free and paid.

  • Facebook and Facebook Ads. Video Facebook Ads work extremely well.
  • YouTube, you can take single lessons from your courses and upload them to YouTube. Make the title and description keyword rich so it has a better chance to be found.
  • Blab is a great way to get online and be discovered by people who are interested in the topics you teach.
  • Emailing friends and family is always a great place to start.
  • Podcasts are also an extremely effective way to reach and build an audience.
  • Placing ads on related websites… (this is hot!)
  • Affiliates… build an army of marketers to promote your course for you.

When starting out just pick two channels to focus on and do them well. Trying to be all places at once will just become to stressful and you won't be able to focus your efforts.

We cover a lot of tips and tricks in getting your YouTube videos ranked higher in search so make sure you listen to this interview, take notes and let us know what you think.

To learn more about Chris please visit his websites -

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If you have a question about any aspect of online course delivery, from concept to market, please feel free to send me an email at I'd love to hear from you and your question could very well feature in a future podcast.

I want to deliver relevant material so keep those emails rolling in.

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