Teach Online | Copywriting – Tips & Tricks to Writing Good Copy with Scott Beebe

If you're new to writing copy even getting started can be a daunting prospect. What do you say? How are you going to convince a person to click on a link or purchase your online course simply through the use of the written word?

In this episode, I follow up with Scott and review the initial draft of his sales letter. I believe Scott got off to a great start considering he only had a 45 minute crash course in copywriting the week before.

I've been studying copywriting and marketing for some time now and have been on a number of coaching calls where sales copy is being critiqued. It wasn't a surprise that Scott made the same mistakes in his first attempt as I have, and probably everyone starting out writing copy has.

So I thought this was a great example, to take Scott's draft and show him a few tricks to take his content and format to the next level.

When we are preparing our copy it is more than acceptable to look to successful copy as a starting point. In fact professional copywriters maintain something called a 'swipe file' in which they catalogue successful pieces of copy.

We're not talking about stealing or plagiarising. We are talking about looking a something that works and using it as a model for your own sales copy. This at least, gives you are starting point, a structure, and you're not left labouring over a blank piece of paper, not knowing where to start.

Watch the video as we do quite a lot of screen sharing. In a future episode I'll share Scott's second draft, it was quite a transformation and looked nothing like the first.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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